Dear Friends in Christ,

We have moved back to our regular 10:30 a.m. service time for the Divine Service. We're convinced that we’ll be able to gather together as one body, which is our great desire, and still provide an environment that allows for an adherence to CDC and Texas recommendations. These recommendations still include an encouragement to wear masks, distance between households a minimum of 6’, was hands thoroughly, and disinfect surfaces frequently. Some notes on these points: 

1. Due to the increase of attendance as a result of combining services, every other pew will be marked to help more easily see how we’ll be spacing ourselves in the pews. 

2. I will still wear a mask during the distribution as this is the closest contact I have with you all. 

3. Sanitizers are still in the Narthex as are extra masks.

4. The Sanctuary was disinfected after the service last week and was cleaned, as usual, during the week. 

5. Ushers will still be directing people up by household to receive the Sacrament.

What a great joy it will be to gather together! I hope in the coming weeks to move back to having our Bible study and Sunday School, but we’re still trying to work out some details there. 

God be with you and grant you courage,

Pastor Odom

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Pastor - Rev. Weslie Odom

Phone -  817-465-3164
Email - churchoffice@bslcarlington.org


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