Call Committee Notes

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Pastor Nomination Form

If you are interested in Nominating a Pastor to be considered by the Call Committee please click here to download the Pastor Nomination form. Fill it out and return it to any member of the call cmmittee.

Pastor Profile Survey Executive Summary

Click Here to view the Pastor Profile Executive Summary

Call Committee Meeting Notes

Sept 1 2016 Committee Meeting

Aug 21 2016 Commitee Meeting

Call Committee Members

Joel Green          Chairman

Veronica Walker    Secretary

Karen Piveral         Parlimentarian


David Ricks, Chairman, Board of Elders
Dan Cowan, Elder
James Browne, President
Tyler Hernandez, Vice President
Pamela Apse
Walter Bontke
Ruby Browne
Joy Cowan
Cindy Darmody
John Darmody
Henry Frazor
Gary Ham
Hailey Ham
Sally Head
Gary Hensel
Brenda Hensel
Deborah Hunter
Paul Molnar
Dana Molnar